Special Invitation for Mayors

Join the movement of communities committed to walking and biking.

There are two ways we invite you to join the movement. We hope you will want to do both!

1. Join us on October 5th as we celebrate
20 years of Walk to School Day.

Mayors have been an important part of many of the 50,000 Walk to School Day events held since it began in 1997 when two mayors, Chicago Mayor Daley and Los Angeles Mayor Riordan, led the first events. Click on the "Count Me In!" button below to announce your city’s involvement in Walk to School Day 2016! Participating mayors and their cities will be acknowledged through the Mayors’ Challenge and Walk to School Day promotions. Learn more.

Over the past 20 years Walk to School Day has gone from a one-day event to a long-term effort to create places where children have more opportunities for physical activity, and everyone feels a little more connected.  In the meantime, Safe Routes to School Programs were established in every state with the goal of building infrastructure and conducting education and encouragement programs to make the walking and biking trip to school a safe one. Today mayors and their cities are taking an even bolder lead—they are setting a new standard with ambitious goals to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries and calling it Vision Zero.

2. Join the growing number of communities working toward a future with zero traffic deaths and a focus on youth.
Click on the "Count Me In!" button below to announce that your community wants  to be  part of a growing group of cities across the USA that are working  to improve the quality of life for residents by  promoting safe walking and bicycling while setting ambitious goals to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Learn more.

Mayors’ Statement on Safe Walking and Bicycling for Youth describes these goals from the perspective of cities.  

View the webinar Walk to School Day and Vision Zero: How Cities Are Growing Safe Walking and Biking Options to learn more about how the 20th celebration of Walk to School Day and the principles used in safe routes to school programs can help to advance safe walking and bicycling for youth and everyone in cities across the USA.



Whether Walk to School Day is new to you or you’re a long-time participant, we welcome you.


This celebration is a joint effort of the USDOT’s Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets and the National Center for Safe Routes to School, part of the Highway Safety Research Center, with support from the USDOT Federal Highway Administration and the FIA Foundation. We have received guidance from the National Association of City Transportation Officials, the National League of Cities, the Vision Zero Network, and places with strong pedestrian programs including Los Angeles, Miami-Dade County, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC.


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