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Use Map-a-Route to build and share one – or several - walking or bicycling routes to a school. 

Use this tool to map the routes of daily walking and bicycling trips, special events, or walking school buses or bicycle trains.  You can:

  • enter school travel features such as crossing guards and traffic signals
  • draw detailed walking and biking routes to the school
  • add pick up times for walking school buses and bicycle trains

Share your routes in two ways: as a downloadable, printable file or through a unique web address generated by Map-a-Route.

How to Map-a-Route:

  1. Create an account.  Registered users can build maps and return to edit them at any time. Only the registered users can modify the routes they make.
  2. Build a route to school.
  3. Share it with parents, event partners, walking school bus leaders and others involved in walking and bicycling to school.  There's no central search for routes because we want you to decide when you're ready to share your maps and how you want to share them.