Coordinator Insights

Each year event coordinators learn lessons from their planning experiences. Some helpful hints and lessons from real-life event coordinators are included below. If you want to share a tip with us please send it our way!


As an incentive, we offered a popcorn party to the classes with the highest percentage of participation. As a result, we had 3 classes that tied with 83% participation.

We had a great event! The students loved walking and want to do it everyday. One of the tricky parts was collaborating with the bus company to drop the kids off at the meeting spot. It all worked out in the end, and without the support of the buses the event would not have been as successful.

Have a mascot this year was a great idea. The kids really liked it. We had music too.  We served free coffee at a remote drop off and had good participation.

A good portion of our school is bused or a parent picks them up. We gather at a local market to start the walk. Kids commented, "I have never walked to school". Parents, siblings and pets all walked and thought it was fun!

Having staff at the school that are empowered to promote change and motivate children is a key to a successful event.

It rained last year which lowered our participation. We're going to create a "How to Walk in the Rain" information sheet if rain is forecasted next year.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Several families just showed up and walked to school together. It was really fun!

It would have been helpful for me to assemble a walk to school day team in order to really have enough adults on hand to welcome walkers as they entered the gates, distribute prizes and get an accurate count. I  did not set that up this year, but next year I will have a team of 10 parents to keep things under control and make the event more celebratory.