The Big Day

It’s your event’s moment of glory!

When the planning is done, it’s time to enjoy the celebration! As you coordinate the event, don’t forget to enjoy it. Take time to appreciate the joy on the children’s faces, the positive feedback from parents and school staff and the steps that your community has made toward permanent change.

Perhaps fellow coordinators say it best…

This was the first time our school participated in Walk to School Day and we got started only a few days before the event. We received lots of positive feedback from all the families that participated and are encouraged about doing it again next year.
– Illinois

Parents were so energized by the event that they asked us to organize a monthly walk/bike to school day. We had our first one last week.
– Florida

We had a blast! We had an obstacle course at lunch recess. The kids who did not walk had a chance to participate in the obstacle course. They liked it so much we are going to do this quarterly.
– Michigan

I kept waiting for the normal rush of cars in front of the school and they never came! I’ve never seen the bike rack so full.
– California

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. So many families showed up and just walked. It was fun.
– Colorado

Fantastic weather once again for our 3rd Walk to School Day! I think the number of dogs walking with their families may have exceeded the number of children riding the bus to school this morning.
– Maryland