Plan the Event

Walk and Bike to School Day events can be simple or elaborate.  For example, one event organizer might choose to set a date for the event, publish it in the school newsletter, and conduct the day without a lot of splash.  Another event might including inviting the local evening news, holding a parade with dignitaries, conducting speeches, serving breakfast to all participants and wrapping up with a school assembly on bicycle and pedestrian safety.  A school might start with hosting a big event, and then move to a low key event over time, as students become more accustomed to walking and biking on a regular basis. Another place might start simple and then build efforts in subsequent years.  Do what works for the school and community.

Learn more about planning a Walk to School Day event with our event-planning flier.

My best part of walking was looking at fall trees and flowers and listening to birds singing.
– First-grade student, Washington

First-Time Tips

In this resource, seasoned organizers offer tips and advice for those embarking on their first walking and/or biking events.

Getting Started Guide

If you have never planned a walking or biking event before, or if you are looking for ways to build on events that you have hosted in the past, check out this guide. You’ll find 8 important steps that can help you plan a walk or bike event, from basic planning to event promotion and post-event follow up.

Planning a Bike to School Day Event

Hosting a Bike to School Day event is a great way to generate excitement about bicycling and reinforce safe bicycling skills. Bike to School Day events come in all shapes and sizes. The trick is to create the day that fits your community’s interests and circumstances.

Safety First

All events have safety at their core. Putting safety first means walkers and bicyclists have places to walk and ride and demonstrate safe behaviors like wearing bright clothing and using bike helmets. It means that drivers near the school obey speed limits and yield to people on foot and on bicycles.

Access for All Students

Event organizers have developed successful strategies that allow students of all abilities to participate in walking and biking events.

Plan an Event in 7 Days

Many events get started with no time to spare. When you don’t have weeks to prepare for an event, it is possible to make the most out of the week before your event.

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