Involving School Champions

Someone who is passionate and determined to follow through to achieve results can be a powerful asset to an event.

A school champion may understand:

  • The benefits of walking and biking to school.
  • How to work with school and local officials.
  • The need for both patience and perseverance when something new is introduced to a community.

A school champion could be a physical education teacher, a principal, a parent — or you!

If you find someone who could be an asset to your event, consider approaching them for collaboration, advice, expertise or support.

  • Ask if he or she is already planning a similar event. If so, see if you can lead the effort together.
  • Ask if he or she has organized a walk or bike to school event before. If so, ask about their experience and lessons learned when planning the event.
  • Ask if he or she would like to volunteer at your event. Consider volunteering for one of his/her initiatives in exchange.