Walk or Bike AT School

Walking and biking AT school is particularly good when there aren’t good walking or biking routes to school or if students live too far away to walk or ride. Recess, physical education or even class time can be dedicated to walking or biking together. Students can use the school field or playground or, with a little planning, walk and bike around the school campus. Resourceful event organizers have even held walks in gyms in rainy weather. It's an activity all the children can enjoy, and the walks or rides can be tied into a variety of classroom activities. Schools can host bike rodeos or walking parades after school if it is not possible to walk or bike to school, or hold a parade during school hours.

Special considerations for bicycling at school:

  • Students can be encouraged to bring their bikes on this special day to ride on the playground or in the school gymnasium.  
  • Plan ahead to identify the most appropriate place for students to bicycle on school grounds and where students should park their bikes.
  • Think about how students will get their bikes home after the event. If bikes are stored inside the school, consider opening the school on a Saturday so that busy parents can pick up their bikes on a day that’s more convenient.  Be creative!
  • Make sure all bicyclists wear helmets.
  • Ask local bike shops or advocacy groups if they can loan bikes for the event so that more students can participate.
  • Consider organizing a bicycle skills clinic (also called a bike rodeo) during lunch, recess or an assembly to teach safe biking skills.
  • Arrange a pre-event bicycle repair clinic in the school parking lot.  Enlist the help of a local bike shop to repair broken chains, tighten brakes, fix flat tires, etc.