Ped Safety Dance

Want to work a few basic safety reminders into a fun activity? Do you think your students would like to "bust a move" as a part of the festivities?

The "Ped Safety Dance" is a choreographed, pedestrian-safety themed version of the song "The Safety Dance." View the "Ped Safety Dance" video below.

Different versions of the song and dance have been recorded to accommodate students from a variety of age and ability levels, and there are so many ways to incorporate the "Ped Safety Dance" into your Walk and Bike to School Day activities:

  • Perform the "Ped Safety Dance" as a PE, classroom-based, or after-school activity, as part of a Walk to School Day assembly, a friendly Walk to School Day competition, as a Walk to School Day themed cheer or athletic activity, or as a "lip-dub" or "flash mob" style dance.
  • Sing the song along the Walk to School Day walking routes, possible with a local celebrity or school mascot.
  • Produce a "Ped Safety Dance" music video, a pedetrian safety themed public service announcement, or a re-mixed version of the song using Auto-Tune.
  • Or make up your own activity!


* The "Ped Safety Dance" was developed by the Michigan Fitness Foundation, with support in part from the National Center for Safe Routes to School. These ideas were adapted from