Build Excitement

Your event will be its most successful if students and their families are eager to participate. Building excitement for your event is often as easy as letting people know about it, whether through handouts for children to take home, signs and banners in school or other materials that talk about your event. We’ve provided a few resources to help you get started.

Ped Safety Dance

Building excitement for your event is often a matter of creativity. For instance, children learning about safety might learn the “Ped Safety Dance”!

Graphics and Logos

Logos for your Walk to School Day or Bike to School Day event will help you present it as a part of the national celebration. Or, download a more general graphic or logo for use in building excitement for your walking or bicycling event.

Fliers and Banners

If you need some ideas to help you get started designing a flier or banner for your event, look no further. We provide some templates to help your event look festive and polished.

Event Signs

Don’t just leave the signs at school! Help students design their own signs to carry with them on the day of event to educate the community about why they love to walk or bike to school.

Additional Materials

Build excitement among participants with these downloadable badges, certificates, punchcards, stickers, and puzzles.